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venice beach restaurant review

Traveling and food are my two greatest passions, so much so that my travels are often determined according to where I want to eat. Some of my favorite memories while traveling include specific restaurants, coffee shops, ice cream parlors, and the like.

My family and I travel to California about once a year, and Venice Beach is one of our favorite areas to visit. The lively boardwalk is filled with shops where you can purchase trinkets, souvenirs, musical instruments, jewelry, sunglasses, henna tattoos, and more. In addition, local artists line the sidewalk with their handmade treasures and street performers and musicians provide ample entertainment.

Venice Beach Restaurant Review venice beach entertainment

There are also numerous food vendors scattered throughout the shops, and if you look hard enough there are quite a few hidden gems. A few years ago, my Mom and I spotted a small hole-in the wall stand selling Ahi Tuna Poke. Their menu seemed great, and patrons were enjoying colorful bowls of fresh poke at the surrounding tables. We both love any kind of raw fish, but the majority vote of our group didn’t rule in our favor. The next year, however, we vowed to eat there no matter what.

pokepoke venice beach

Poke-Poke’s menu is fairly simple; for a normal poke-poke bowl, you choose the size, flavor, whether or not you want rice, and any additional items like avocado, limu seaweed, or jalapeno. Then your poke is freshly prepared for you, ready for you to enjoy while catching a cool ocean breeze and people watching along the boardwalk.

poke poke sashimi

My Mom and I both chose the spicy tuna because we love spicy tuna rolls. We opted to add green onions and avocado. Most of the add-ins are free with the exception of the avocado, but it is such a luscious addition that I really recommend it. The fish was so fresh and the flavors were spot on! Overall, the Spicy Tuna Poke bowl was satisfying and refreshing- perfect for a day at the beach. My only wish was that there had been more sauce to enjoy with the rice; the sauce was amazing, and I’m a total sauce fanatic. We enjoyed our poke-poke bowls while our more picky family members and friends ordered from another nearby vendor.

poke poke sashimi

I would highly suggest seeking out this little place if you find yourself along the Venice Beach boardwalk. A true hole-in-the-wall success, Poke-Poke is a unique, flavorful and bright treat. The ingredients are impeccably fresh and it may just be one of the healthiest options for a meal in the area.

Poke-Poke Restaurant Information

Hours: Mon-Sun 10:30 am – sun down
Location: Venice Beach Boardwalk, just across from Muscle Beach. 1827 Ocean Front Walk, Venice, CA 90291
Prices: $7-14 for poke bowls


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