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You may or may not have heard about the company Goodies Co. Starting at only $7, you can get a box every month that contains various different snacks. The goal is to help you discover new snacks that you enjoy, but it is just so fun to get a box of goodies every month filled with mystery treats! I never received anything in my boxes that I had tasted before, which made it even better. Here’s a look at my 3 months of Goodies Co. Taster’s boxes:

Month 1:

Goodies Box via Tsiporah Blog

Month 2:

Review of Goodies Box via Tsiporah Blog

Month 3:

Goodies Box Review via Tsiporah Blog

The Goodies Taster Box is a fun way to find new snacks to love, but it was hard with dietary restrictions. Luckily almost everything in my last box was gluten-free.

Here’s how Goodies Co. works:

  1. You register and pay for your first box
  2. You wait patiently for your box of goodies to be delivered
  3. Once your box is delivered, you taste all of your goodies
  4. Then, Goodies Co. sends you an email with a link where you can review the products that you received, upload pictures, etc. Each review and picture are worth a point, and once you accumulate a certain amount of points, you get rewards (like free boxes or snacks).
  5. If you liked your box, you can continue to subscribe and receive a Goodies Taster Box every month. You can also order the snacks that you loved from your box. If you didn’t like the experience then you can easily put your subscription on hold or cancel it all together.

I have to suspend my subscription since I’ll be traveling, but it was a fun experience! Happy tasting!


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