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If you live in Phoenix this is one food truck you MUST seek out.

Waffle Crush Review

We recently went to Phoenix Flea, a super adorable outdoor market offering vintage and new handmade treasures. It was fun to shop and explore the market, which took place in Heritage Square in Downtown Phoenix, but the true highlight of the day was Waffle Crush. I’m pretty sure that anytime I eat Waffle Crush it’ll be the highlight of my day. Dare I say of my month…!?

hanging out at Phoenix Flea

I enjoyed the Berry Waffle, a gourmet Liege Waffle topped with Biscoff (cookie butter!!!), fresh whipped cream and strawberry slices. The waffle itself is delicious, almost caramelized, with a perfectly crisp outside and soft, fluffy inside. The Biscoff melts into the waffle in the most delicious way, while the strawberries brighten the flavors. And anything with handmade whipped cream is divine. This is waffle heaven.

About to enjoy my first Waffle Crush

The Berry Waffle from Waffle Crush

It was absolutely the best waffle I’ve ever had. They also have chocolate filled waffles.
You read that right.

Waffle Crush

Waffle Crush Food Truck Information

Hours & Location: Find their location & schedule via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook: @mywafflecrush
Phone: (480) 304-5636
Pricing: The Berry is $7.50


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